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Silver Sphere releases surprise track “football game” [Video]

Just back in September, EARMILK praised alt-pop artist Silver Sphere on her stunning work with her EP all my boyfriends—an introduction to her starry reflections and electropop anthems. Today, she shares a genre-bending new song “football game” with a lustrous neon music video.

Compared to her previous releases, this track enters an exciting more experimental pop territory. Silver made the track with the help of Dylan Brady of 100 Gecs, and if anyone has listened to 100 Gecs, they’ll immediately hear the influence in Silver’s autotuned vocals and the synth/EDM bass. It’s definitely got a fun, bubblegum sound to it, but Silver injects it masterfully with lyrical depth.

According to Silver, the song started out talking about the beginnings of one exploring their sexuality in relationships. However, she wanted to bring attention to bigger issues and shares, “The double standard of exploring sexuality for young men and women, and how often girls are shamed for the very experiences boys are praised and idolized for. When I got in the studio with Dylan, I took the choruses, which depict how slut-shaming can make girls feel weak, and I rewrote verses around it that reflect the more powerful side of feminine sexuality and the confidence I grew into as I got older.”

The video, directed by Tusk Creative, keeps Silver’s message and the football imagery prevalent with Silver dressed as a cheerleader. Throughout, we see her with different guys from the football team, each who wants to keep their relationship hush-hush. In the end, however, Silver shows them who’s really being played.

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