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Take a dip into heaven with M. BYRD in new single “MOUNTAIN” [Video]

Drift up into the clouds in M. BYRD’s new track “MOUNTAIN.” Through pastel skies and views to make you cry, M. BYRD offers a perspective and light that 2020 desperately needs. Serving up a debut release, this heaven bound artist is only getting started. Reminiscent of Tom Petty thrown into a modern, dream-folk-pop cocktail, "Mountains" is intoxicatingly divine—a song of grounding, a song of reflection and one that will fill you with gratitude. If you ever feel in the dark, this is the light you need to turn on and turn it UP. You almost want to cry, laugh and dance at the same time, but it's totally addicting and magical. Byrd says, “if even the seemingly smallest hill can be a mountain, what good things are actually surrounding me right now?”

A voice that will melt your heart, singing lush melodies, Byrd’s vocal tone is like honey, sweet and so smooth it glistens. Waves of echoed electric-guitar amplifies the dreaminess of the vocals, along with romantic acoustic-guitar that holds a steady heartbeat throughout. Accompanied by the angelic vocals of  Doreen Albrecht, over soothing, epic drums, this track really has you entering a paradise of sound. Overall, the release is a fresh blend of indie neo-psych-folk sound—it's a spritz of sound you will fall deeply into.

Accompanying the song are must-see hypnotising visuals. Directed by Marcel Izquierdo Torres “MOUNTAIN” fades from tangerine skies over a glittering, crystal ocean: into the deep of the night illuminated by a fire red glow. Set in the sun-glazed beaches of Normandy, France, the main focal point is a contemporary dancer, Nana Anine, whose movement is utterly stunning, flowing like an ocean of emotion—a symbol of both the delicate and strong female power. A visual spectacle, that will help you sprout wings and take you up into the wonderful world of M. BYRD. 

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