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Let Man Loose share their exclusive double single "Young Thugs Studio"

Hull-based rock quartet Let Man Loose share their new double single "Young Thugs Studio". The band test their live abilities with two energetic recordings of their previously praised singles "Victory Lap" and "The Acid Test". 

Recorded from York-based Young Thugs Studio, the singles are given a new lease of life with newcomers bassist Eric Dimmack and guitarist Luke Scruton. Opening with fuzzy sonics and an abrasive bass line, "Victory Lap" fuses the band's rock trajectory with post-punk undertones. Its crashing allure captures the band's addictive energy and pulls you into their world of infectious rock. Whilst "The Acid Test" sees a more sultry offering from the quartet, it effortlessly captures a calmer side to the band. Drawing on their northern twangs, the single is an evocative rock-infused number whose driving rhythms and raw ambience showcases the quartets expansive versatility.

Telling us about the turmoil of 2020, frontman Marc Ainley explains: "This year's been a huge pain in the backside! We had loads of cool stuff planned, with a vinyl release, a collaboration with a local brewery on a beer and a big UK tour, as we like to do every year. COVID-19 came along with other ideas, but we've worked hard to keep things moving, trying new things wherever possible. Usually when we drop a release, our local BBC Music Introducing team - in our case Humberside, who have given us such amazing support - will have us in for a live session, which we'll film and put out. We were gutted not to be able to do that this year to support the release of 'Vol. 3', so we booked into Young Thugs Studio in York instead, and left with a pair of frenetic live recordings that we're absolutely delighted with.

It's clear that Let Man Loose continue to find new ways to make themselves a force to be reckoned with. "Victory Lap" remains to be an anthemic addition to their catalogue and "The Acid Test" explores rock's vulnerability. It's a classy, rock-fuelled release that make Let Man Loose a band who are unafraid to shake things up. Despite a full UK tour being cancelled this year, the band are currently on a week-long online tour which sees the release of a new podcast episode and an exclusive livestream performance - tune in tonight from 7pm.

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