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The Native release the soaring indie-laced single "Frontline"

UK-based quintet The Native share their new single "Frontline". Navigating a battle of living with an abuser, the single captures their intricate indie-fuelled melodies awash with angst and turmoil.

Barely into their twenties, the quintet are producing tunes that are brimming with wisdom and touching on subjects that expose their talented songwriting skills. With a mature, rigourous lyricism, "Frontline" layers interstellar guitar grooves with a steady drum rhythm to produce a well-polished gem. Even though "Frontline" discusses the heavy topic of domestic abuse, there's a soft, minimal piano line that drifts throughout the track to offer comfort amongst the almost-abrasive indie sounds.

"We recorded Frontline over the summer in this amazing studio in Devon called Deep Litter Studios. It's in the middle of nowhere on a headland next to a lighthouse and there's no phone signal, no distractions," explains the band. "We wanted this track to have more of a live feel to it so we all got in the room together and played through as a band, keeping the overdubs to a minimum. We wanted to focus on the lyrics and the story behind them."

Despite being recent newcomers, The Native appear to be well-rehearsed in creating sleek, placid indie-rock. The future holds something very special for The Native and it's unravelling with these early releases. "Frontline" is a cracking effort from these West Country natives.

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