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Cork's finest trio Rowan share their rousing debut EP "No One Is Safe Here"

Irish trio Rowan share their indie-folk debut EP No One Is Safe Here. Interspersed with an array of iridescent sonics, the EP is a lustrous offering of folk-infused melodies and glittering narratives. The trio, who have toured with Badly Drawn Boy and worked individually with an array of artists, have put their minds together to craft one of the most touching EPs of the year.

It's pretty clear that No One Is Safe Here offers a glimpse into the heart and soul of Rowan from the offset, with the six-track project unearthing their addictive indie trajectory immediately. Opening with the rousing single "Moonlight", the track builds to a frenetic impact. No doubt the band's more rockier leaning tracks, the single is powered with driving drums and hints of delicate synths to project a fusion of genre traits. Whilst "I Had A Dream" offers a somber ambiance, the irresistible piano-driven "You're Not The One" offers hope and joy with it's folk-intertwined undertones.

However, if there's one single that makes itself known on the EP, it's the jangly single "Big Wave". With tropical patterns throughout, the single's driving rhythms explore the feelings of being overwhelmed in an often unpredictable world. Followed by the ballad-like "Love Gets In The Way", the band explore their versatility by slowing things down. A tender piece of stirring nostalgia, the single offers a shoulder to lean on with its mellifluous sounds.

Telling us more about the EP's creation, the band detail: "'No One Is Safe Here' is a symphonic indie collection of both anthems and ballads, brought from an emotionally unsure and turbulent time. The title is derived from the zeitgeist of the uncertainty of the 2020’s so far, contrasted by the upbeat nature of the majority of the tracks. It is an apt representation of the rollercoaster we have all been stuck on in the past year."

No One Is Safe Here is a collection of uplifting tracks. Cushioned with its soft sonics, each song delves into your ears to provide a comforting warmth. If this is your first introduction to Rowan, then you've caught them at the right time. Their debut EP is a well-produced, well-polished and all-round brilliant body of work. 

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Images by Zyanya Lorenzo.

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