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Joel Baker shares the heartwrenching single "Part Of Me"

Nottingham's singer-songwriter Joel Baker unveils the tear-jerking new single "Part Of Me." The first song written after the death of his Mum, Baker's delicate melancholia soothes the pain caused by such an incredible loss. 

Awash with outpoured emotions, the single is an honest reflection of losing someone. Telling us it's "sad, but also hopeful", "Part Of Me" addresses the most painful parts of loss, the things we wish we'd done and the yearning to meet one more time. His inimitable approach to putting feelings into words is an achievement in itself, yet to craft such elegance with that frankness is intoxicating. Although this single dwells on loss, it's also a celebration of Baker's artistry and his ability to channel real-life pain into an articulate pop song. 

Written with JC Stewart & Sam Merrifield, the single is a poignant release for Baker. "It was the first song I wrote after my Mum died. I had so much on my chest and didn't really know how to process it," he explains. "Rather than try to understand, I decided to write it as a simple letter. In fact, it's more like a Whatsapp. I think the overwhelming emotion at that time was just wanting to talk to my Mum. Missing that ability to call at any time and catch up - I wanted to let her know how it felt."

"Part Of Me" is an angelic single wrapped with love and warmth. It's truly sad (you may shed a tear or two) but it's uplifting with the promise of good memories and faith in meeting again one day.

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