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Blanke reworks GG Magree’s "Nervous Habits" basslines

Following the release of their individual releases, "Change & Decay: The Fall" and "Nervous Habits", earlier in 2020 respectively, Australian electronic producer GG Magree has enlisted the expertise of Los Angeles-based EDM producer Blanke for a remix of Magree's newest single, "Nervous Habit".

Blanke's remix of "Nervous Habits (feat. Joey Fleming)," sees him rework Magree's basslines, acoustic guitar riffs, and revving wubs to showcase his soothing, vibey ambience of lo-fi sub bass and synths. Blanke's additional rhythmic touch gives this remix song a fresh coat of paint per se, while also not taking away the energy of Magree's original work, without taking away her melodic intimacy.

Blanke's remix of GG Magree's "Nervous Habits (feat. Joey Fleming)" is now out via Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records.

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