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CAMÍNA unveils her intimate and timely EP 'Te Quiero Mucho'

CAMÍNA is a unique talent who has been deeply immersed in music since she was young. Growing up singing in the church choir, she was mentored by none other than Kevin Jonas Sr, father of the Jonas Brothers. He taught her the ways of the music world and for that, she is forever grateful. It is that sort of selfless kindness that she wishes everyone could have for one another. Her latest EP Te Quiero Mucho, meaning “I love you” in Spanish, explores our nation’s toxic political landscape as well as more personal themes of love and loss. This eclectic, colorful release is sung in both English and Spanish, stunningly merging trip-hop with traditional Mexican music.

Opening the EP is the mesmerizing track “Cinnamon”. The song is inspired by the harsh treatment of asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border and highlights a marimba-infused, trip-hop beat. CAMÍNA’s eerie, distorted vocals, and stirring lyricism make this riveting release grip you down into your soul. Expressing a powerful plea for change, listeners are instantly brought to the emotive feeling of an African-American spiritual.

Another moving trip-hop offering is “Forever and Always”. This dreamy electro tune slows things down with its silky, smooth rhythms and lush, light vocals. Profoundly pondering time spent with those that have passed away, it is her cry for them to know how much they are truly loved.

Sung entirely in Spanish, the album closer, “Su Puede” does not disappoint. Exuding the same intoxicating strength as the other tracks, it details a reflective wondering for what might have been. CAMÍNA’s exquisite harmonies atop a trio of bolero singers sorrowful croon of unrequited love, make this tragic track a piece of pure beauty.

The Dallas based artist collaborated with celebrated producer Black Taffy on this astounding triumph. Te Quiero Mucho impressively displays CAMÍNA’s soulful sound and innovative, experimental arrangements, crafting an EP that vibrantly comes alive. Take a listen to the passionate, haunting release now.


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