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Valencia James’ dark pop single rides "All The Waves" of emotion

Valencia James's new dark pop single, "All The Waves" floods with empathy and motivation.  The emotionally-rich song holds Valencia’s hypnotic vocals, acting as a comforting reminder to always find hope no matter what you're battling. The words cleverly embed visual, ocean metaphors with notes of empathy and motivation.

The soft, melancholic, organ-like chords mirror the sombre, unforgiving power of the ocean waves; alongside rain-drop like sounds, fascinating textures and interesting rhythms that also point to the complexity of life and the ups and downs we face. Her waves of low and high vocal pitch, inspiring melodies and haunting, subtle backing vocals are sure to give you the relief and motivation to move forward.

The New York-born, Sydney-based artist says, "All The Waves takes inspiration from a really long, hard season I was going through that lasted really up until now and it's become even more relevant with everything going on in 2020. It's my way of comparing my fear of the waves to how I feel about the situations in my life and the hits that I've taken being likened to a succession of waves breaking over me.” The latter of the chorus submerges us in resolving melodies, reiterating that everything settles eventually even in times of uncertainty and darkness.

"All The Waves" is a reminder to others that they're not alone in these uncertain times and we can pull through whatever life throws at us. Valencia's raw and relatable lyrics stem from her desire to create music which can connect with listeners of a more meaningful level and we're thankful for that. 

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