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Jordana says "I Guess This Is Life" in latest single

Jordana is back with a snappy indie pop ballad titled "I Guess This Is Life" off her forthcoming LP Something to Say to You out December 4th.

In keeping with the lo-fi bedroom pop sound of her debut album Classical Notions of Happiness, "I Guess This Is Life" delivers relatable, and heartfelt emotion wrapped up in a bouncy and warm instrumental. Catchy vocal melodies compliment Jordana's thoughtful lyrics, and by the end of the track you will feel like the main character in a coming-of-age movie. 

Speaking on "I Guess This Is Life," Jordana explains how the track is "about the motions of everyday live and how experiences, no matter big or small, make up the person that you are and how you both perceive and are perceived by the world." The accompanying video shows the tenderness of small moments as Jordana leans out a car window, skates with friends and explores the city. Her ability to capture complicated emotions is outstanding and makes "I Guess This Is Life" the perfect track to play when reminiscing about the past or dreaming of the future.

Jordana's forthcoming LP Something to Say to You is out December 4th available for pre-order here and catch the vinyl out January 22nd through Grand Jury Records.

Connect with Jordana: Spotify | Instagram | Bandcamp| Twitter



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