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bloody white releases two new tracks, "12am" and "lies we tell"

bloody white has had a busy 2020. He released his debut EP, you'd walk right over me, in September of this year, and is wasting no time giving the world new music. He just released two new songs in "lies we tell" and "12am" that not only continue to build his story, but show that he is only getting better. 

Last week, he released the first: "lies we tell" is a downtempo, emotional pop track. The song allows him to show off his impressive songwriting; he chooses every word carefully, with every line seemingly holding more meaning than the one before. There's a drop that feels less like a drop and more like a moment of meaning. The song is about an ex-relationship, but what bloody white does so well is create a feeling of being lost. His latest release, "12am," which came out yesterday, has more built out, exciting production that leaves room for bloody white to demonstrate a cohesive song structure. 

The Santa Barbara native is impossible to put into a genre box, as he writes, produces, and sings songs that are somewhere between pop and electronic, with the occasional dash of indie. bloody white sings about wanting someone to come over at midnight, but manages to show off his unique artistry that both combines and dismisses genres. The rising artist's brilliance on "12am" is not just in the pop vocals that effortlessly dance over the head-nodding instrumental, but also in his ability to sound like no one else. It's a song that could only be his. 

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