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Thor Rixon shares groovy tearjerker "Won't Stop Crying" [Video]

There's a lot to be said about music that could soundtrack a multitude of circumstances. Berlin-based artist Thor Rixon is the perfect example of this, often balancing his emotive lyricism with addictive upbeat grooves that would both make a great addition to your party playlist, as well as setting the tone for a period of relatable introspection. Taking the lyrical narrative out of the equation of his latest, "Won't Stop Crying," it comes across like an irrefutably body-moving bop that maintains the warmth of summer, but considering the title alone, it naturally tells a dramatically different lyrical story.

The soulful, funk-leaning rhythms that introduce the track and sustain throughout are promptly balanced by Rixon's lovesick lyricism and dutifully delivered by his silkily melancholic voice. Once the track opens up into the unforgettable chorus, it revels in its simplistic catchiness that will no doubt have you humming along in mere moments. The tongue-in-cheek video takes the lyrical concept quite literally, displaying a tearful Rixon dealing with the demise of a relationship in an exaggerated fashion that borders on humorous. Speaking to the video in an email statement, director Rob Smith states, “Thor is a natural performer. You put a camera on him and it’s hard to take it off. The main shoot itself was a tiny crew, consisting of myself, the “girl,” a DOP and two assistants. Thor and I later shot the iPhone footage all over Cape Town, pushing and pulling on those heartstrings. Once Thor turned that tap on, there was no stopping him. He truly did not stop crying." "Won't Stop Crying" is available now via Eko Worldwide.

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