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Jak Bannon debuts "The Story" with Mr. Carmack

Artist Jak Bannon is mostly known for his visual work alongside artists like Diddy, Dr. Dre, Gibson Hazard, and Aidan Cullen. He now finds himself shifting to explore his passion for music. Earlier this year Jak Bannon made his debut with the psychedelic electronic pop of “The Trade” produced by quickly, quickly. He’s returned with his next single called “The Story” which was produced by Mr. Carmack.

With its stripped down and minimal approach, every moment and sound of “The Story” is quite captivating. The track has all these delicate layers and textured subtleties in the production that the listener can grasp onto as everything musically seems to float by. Jak Bannon’s voice also adds to the allure. His tone, range, and hushed delivery of vocals bring an introspective melancholia to the track that’s unmatched by the instrumentals alone. It's a quick track, but it certainly leaves an impression. “The Story” is out now and look for more new music from Jak Bannon coming soon.

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Chillout · Electronic · Indie · Music Videos · Pop


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