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Bird and Byron unveil sunny visual for "Life Is a Bore" [Video]

The current state of the world is pushing art in all its forms in a lot of different directions. With music, it predominantly manifests itself in songwriting that deals with themes of isolation or the miring rut of modern life. The fourth single to date from Columbus, Ohio based songwriting duo Bird & Byron focusses on the latter, with the title, "Life Is a Bore" entirely self-descriptive as to the motivations behind it.

The tone of "Life is a Bore," however, offers the other side of the coin; a carefree, bordering on jubilant mix of slick riffs, distinctly timeless vocals, and bright chords that maintain the waning warmth of Summer. The visual perfectly perpetuates these concepts, with a locale as warm as the song itself, and the road trip aesthetic imbuing a sense of freedom.

Speaking to the track in an email statement, they outline, "The release was intended to provide some form of escape during these crazy and uncertain times. Many people that we know personally have been looking for some sort of way to distract themselves from the daunting pictures and stats that are seen on live tv. The song itself serves as an anthem to how crazy life is right now. With all the restrictions that we now face, it’s hard to find any sense of freedom, and we wanted to amplify those frustrations. Every now and then, you may just want to run away from everything and forget it all. If that’s the case, this is your song."

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