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Elohim reminds us all to take the "Good Day Bad Day" weeks in stride

LA-based producer and singer-songwriter Elohim returns with a bouncy electro-pop diddy to remind fans to stay optimistic through these difficult times in her latest single "Good Day Bad Day."

A playful rhythm and steady claps drive this toe-tapping track forward as Elohim keeps a consistent stream of consciousness and instills sentiments of hope onto listeners. The baby coo sample brings back some early Aaliyah "Are You That Somebody" vibes but allows the listener to get into the mindset of a playful track meant to instill happiness from a more innocent time. A funky guitar strumming and bass line echo in the background alongside some gentle synths to add a deeper layer of complexity to what feels like a very weightless, easy-flowing pop track. 

Ironically, Elohim was supposed to have gone on a highly anticipated Group Therapy Tour this summer which was unfortunately mostly postponed due to COVID. Since that time, she has been avidly online engaging with fans who have connected with her very vulnerable and open persona on dealing with mental health. Her inspiring music continues to serve as an outlet of escape for many of us during these stress-heavy times in the world. 

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