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Sam Burton unveils graceful swoon "I Am No Moon"

Indie folk vocalist Sam Burton has just dropped an absolutely heavenly new track entitled “I Am No Moon.” The enchanting tune is only the third studio release of the young artists’ career, coming in anticipation of his debut album I Can Go With You slated for release this fall. Despite being a newcomer to his respective genre, Sam’s voice is alarmingly and distinctly mature, carrying with it a great grace and comfort. Paired with moving lyrics and moody acoustic instrumentals, “I Am No Moon” comes together to generate a much needed escapism that seems to generate sparks out of thin air. There’s extremely high potential here for a serious force in the rising indie folk music scene.

Burton’s newest track poignantly sonders the fragility of life and change, taking a step back to acknowledge one’s own insignificance. Sam finds a delicate freedom in his realization at the hook “I am no moon, I only feel this way,” letting go of what cannot be controlled and choosing to instead focus on the present and visceral. His voice is strikingly pure and honest, feeling more like a campfire confessional than a studio single. The rich vocal performance is backed with a lightly ringing guitar voice and some excellent string accompaniment that adds an extra tinge of wonder.

“I Am No Moon” is an instant beauty, delivering an intangibly centered atmosphere that can only be felt. It’s difficult to find music that is this powerfully warm and reassuring.

Connect with Sam Burton: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

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