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Boy Willows collabs with Dylan Minnette on lush track “Fila”

Under the name Boy Willows, Landon Fleischman stands out as an artist with a refreshing psych-folk sound. Releasing a couple of EPs and singles over the last couple of years, Willows has been gradually receiving the attention he deserves from big names like Apple Music, Spotify, and Ones To Watch. Today, he’s releasing a new song and music video with his pal Dylan Minnette of indie rock band Wallows.

“Fila” has listeners twirling in its serene, yet hallucinogenic qualities.  The lyrics explore the wavering of feelings between the want and regret of adulthood. Sound effects of pencil scratches and erases help carry the rhythm throughout, emitting feelings of confusion. Lullaby chimes then play against angelic harmonies until the track ends with a sample about ending the war between humans and rattlesnakes. The sample may sound a bit random but it somehow blends into place seamlessly with the music.

Usually, one would expect an artist’s collab with a friend to be somewhat upbeat or funky. However, “Fila” isn’t afraid to dive into some of the loneliness. It really shows how close their friendship is.

Boy Willows explains the visions he had for the song, both musically and visually when he states, “Dylan and I were talking to each other about what feelings bubbled up when we were forced to slow down for the first time in a long time. I wanted the song to be dream-like. […] When I was making the instrumental, I was picturing everything in slow motion, super delicate and airy, giving space for Dylan and I to share some intimate stuff.”

This is also a new sound for Dylan Minnette, who usually sings for Wallows’s upbeat alt-rock tracks. In this feature, he softens his voice, harmonizing with Willow’s smoky vocals to help create an otherworldly atmosphere. What did Dylan Minnette have to say? “[Landon] asked me if I wanted to throw on a verse myself and my little warm heart exploded. The melodies I wanted came to me immediately. I also wanted them to pretty much mimic what he was already singing on his part already too with some of it. I’m so proud of the final result.”

The two should be proud of their teamwork. When one listens to the track, it's easy to appreciate the subtle moments and secrets shared with friends.

Relax to Boy Willow’s newest track, “Fila (with Dylan Minnette)”, out now.

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