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Cobra Man brace for a "Heatwave" with a spicy new single

Cobra Man teamed up with Isom Innis of Foster the People and Bonnie McKee to write a hot track, aptly titled "Heatwave." As summer winds down, "Heatwave" keeps the good vibes going.

The track kicks off with catchy piano riffs and toe tapping drums that feel effortlessly groovy. The lyrics are light hearted and fresh, and are delivered in bouncy, memorable melodies. Speaking about the track, Cobra Man says: "Heatwave is about cabin fever and summertime madness, We wrote the song about a person trapped in their shitty apartment during a heatwave flipping through dating apps to find someone who has air conditioning. It's about being desperate for comfort and safety." If Elton John wrote indie pop, "Heatwave"would be it. Which is to say, "Heatwave" is the banger you didn't know you needed this September. 

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