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WEIRDO connects with IYES for the powerfully tender "GROW ( i still miss u tbh )"

Way back in 2014, the world got its first taste of WEIRDO. Armed only with a few vivacious demos, he turned heads and caught more than a few ears. Harmonising in the space between indie and electro-pop stylings, and salubriously betwixt organic and synthetic aural palettes, he'd crafted a compelling sound both wildly infectious and entirely his own, and just as those ripples were turning into waves, the Berlin-based alt-pop savant inexplicably disappeared.

After his 2019 project WEIRD TUNES hinted at his return, which featured the final versions of those aforementioned demos, he has spent the year dropping one truly standout release after another, confirming that he's here to stay.

Despite the uncertainty of 2020, WEIRDO season emphatically continues through the summer, with "GROW," a collaboration with the elusive hitmakers IYES.

Much like his previous works this year, the more downtempo introduction sets the stage for his distinctly hypnotizing vocals to grab your attention with both hands, not letting go until the song is out. Once the charmingly lofi intro sets the theme, the wall-of-sound chorus flips the energy it on its head via nothing short of pop anthemia. Huge shimmering chords, supported by tasteful countermelodies and kaleidoscopic arpeggios propels the unforgettable chorus into the back of your mind, leaving it to rattle around in your brain until you hear it again.

Speaking to his touching motivations in an email statement, he explains, "It's an ode to my old best friend who I dearly miss. We had sadly drifted apart... My aim for this song was for it to be a track that you sing whilst crying over someone you've lost, or whilst smiling about them finding happiness elsewhere. Keeping true to the promise that you'll always be there to support them in one way or another; from close or from afar. Like a scaffold, not a weight... as Cass Lowe once rightly said: like a love that bends in the wind."

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