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Tyson Kelly drops his irresistible new single “Am I Ever Gonna See You Again”

Tyson Kelly ponders his fate in his latest single “Am I Ever Gonna See You Again” —an intoxicating and playful song, loaded with 80’s synths and fast-paced, dance-worthy beats. Kelly asks a question I’m sure we’ve all mulled over many times before, delivering a relatable anthem about the destiny of one’s future. In the hustle and bustle of modern-day living, meeting new people in a fleeting moment can often be a regular occurrence. “Am I Ever Gonna See You Again” examines those whirlwind moments and the empty emotions it can leave you with.

Kelly reveals, “This track is about going out in the world and meeting someone you really connect with, spending time together and then having to leave for the next city and wondering if you’ll ever reconnect. In this case the song is written from the fan’s point of view.”

Kelly’s music is a delicious marinade of Haim-esque melodies with harmonies reminiscent of The Beatles and synth sounds of the Talking Heads. A potent concoction, the Los Angeles born, London based artist has crafted a unique sound and style, pricking the ears of listeners from both sides of the pond.

“Am I Ever Gonna See You Again” is the first single to be released off of Kelly’s upcoming EP, Plastic Rock Star. Setting the tone for what’s yet to come, Kelly is leaving us desperate for more.

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