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The Slice, Episode 62 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

We open up Episode 62 of The Slice with sun-drenched guitar riffs from emerging singer and producer Kubla's "How To Love You." The Toronto based artist gives us a taste of his soul/pop fusion with catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. "Call Me" by producer QUINN quickly tones the mood down with solemn textures and melancholic synths layered over a head-nodding groove. The instrumental track also makes a short dramatic twist in the middle with a solemn piano progression and rumbling drum switch-ups. Sly5thAve teams up with actor and rapper Sene on "Daddy Warbucks," a heartfelt single that dives into the role of being a man and a father figure. Sene brings to the fore a mix of lyricism and soulful melodies on the jazz-infused backdrop. The track is taken from Sly5thAv's self-produced forthcoming LP What It Is.

Melbourne based singer Hui and Georgia Bancroft give us their own take on insomnia with their soulful collaborative single, "Axel." The title is named after Hui's friend who also suffers from insomnia and dwells on two people sharing their deepest emotions without judgment. "Try" is a funky rap track by multi-faceted artist Dave Zup who pays homage to his home state (Ohio) and his musician father. It's a hearty, fun-filled piece that is both catchy and insightful in some ways. Naya Ali revisits her track "G.O.A.T. Talk" alongside Quebecois veterans Benny Adam and White-B who all give solid performances over the dark synth-driven club backdrop. 

UK singer Nakala makes her debut on our playlist this week with "Undeniable," a single that dives into the importance of the true partnership between two individuals. She makes good use of the chilled, dreamy backdrop and gives us a personal take on the classic R&B/soul genre. 

The production team SuperParka switches things up on their track "ultraviolence" where they fuse pop, indie-electronica with soul elements. Akin to luminaries like Daft Punk and Tame Impala, SuperParka shows us how far they can take indie-pop beyond the norm. Kil Ripkin and Jah Freedom 's "Break You" is the first hard-hitting rap song we got this week but it's more than just bravado as the duo implore us to stay strong despite the craziness that surrounds us. Emerging Wilmington, DE based rapper Eazy Banks is next to bat on the list and he doesn't disappoint with this insightful single, "Skepticism." Over a dreamy, midtempo backdrop, he reflects on the current state of affairs and shares his thoughts on our current government. Banks is not here to pick sides and points out his disappointments for red hats, blue hats, and MAGA hats.

Singer-songwriter Anuka helps us close this episode The Slice on a solemn note with her latest single "When It Rains." Inspired by her own experiences and break up from a long term relationship, Anuka takes the bold step to confront all the feelings she held back as she sets out on a new path.

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For a full tracklist of this week's featured artists:

Kubla - "How To Love You"

QUINN - "Call Me"

Sly5thAve featuring Sene - "Daddy Warbucks"

Hui. - "Axel" (Feat. Georgia Bancroft)

Dave Zup - "Try"

Naya Ali x Benny Adam x White-B - "G.O.A.T. Talk." [Remix]

Nakala - "Undeniable"

SuperParka - "ultraviolence"

Kil Ripkin x Jah Freedom - "Break You"

Eazy Banks - "Skepticism"

Anuka - "When It Rains"

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