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Cut Coco reimagines Jennifer Paige's "Crush" as a smooth house anthem

On his debut release, producer, DJ and elusive Angelino Cut Coco establishes his effortlessly smooth, dance-focused palette of sounds with a tasteful and irrefutably body-moving reimagining of Jennifer Paige's late 90s classic "Crush." Seamlessly transferring the timeless pop singer-songwriter aesthetic into a house rhythm, Cut Coco does due justice to the original whilst pushing it in a rejuvenating new direction.

The iconic chord sequence is propelled by a side-chained rhythm that's sure to get heads bobbing and feet tapping from the first few seconds. The vocal garners more of a melancholic hue in comparison to the more optimistic tones of the original, with layers of poignant harmony that make the enchanting groove all the more consuming.

Speaking to his reinterpretation in a statement, he shares, “When Jennifer Paige released ‘Crush’ for the first time, literally everybody was amazed by this new Billboard hit; a feel-good song that was necessary on every road trip – and will be again from this year on. Electronic music has always been the love of my life. But you know, everybody has these guilty pleasure songs and I want to take these songs and make them to something new, something everybody can get as excited about as me.“

Connect with Cut Coco: Instagram | Spotify

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