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Gambian rapper, Yanó Rude introduces himself with debut single, "Unconscious"

Atlanta-based, Gambian rapper, singer, and model, Yanó Rude has released his debut track titled, "Unconscious." Rude grew up with classic West African and reggae music as well as UK and US hip-hop, listing Yousou N'dour and Beres Hammond as particularly seminal. "Unconscious" gives a first look at these kaleidoscopic perspectives: it blends these styles with an emphasis on afro-pop and hip-hop as well as showcasing his strength for hook and melody. Rude describes this first offering: “the tempo and catchiness mixed with the Afro pop elements makes it an unorthodox tune that I’m cool with.”

The track is slightly off-kilter, leaning freely, but has an undeniable feel-good factor. Rude's strong vocal presence hold together a rich arrangement of refracting synths, snappy drum patterns, and distant keys. Thematically, "Unconscious" details the importance of communication in lines like, "And when it got rough / You see them not talk, guess that’s the price of the love."

This will apparently be a common thread for his upcoming debut project, Kalashion. Rude described his thought process in creating the album by saying, “The feelings surrounding this record was recognizing the conflict of interest and how problems become a slippery slope in the absence of communication.”

Kalashion is drops August 27th through OtherSide and is available for pre-order here. 

Connect with Yanó Rude: InstagramTwitter 



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