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Tessa Rae’s quarantine inspired “Disposable Film” is modern new wave [Video]

Indie-pop artist Tessa Rae’s latest single, “Disposable Film” provides a chill alternative approach to fun and carefree pop. The accompanying music video is an oddly satisfying display of a day in the life of the songstress. Equipped with numerous playful shots of Rae in quirky outfits, the video is a simplistic visual following the Kodak camera theme.

In addition to the singer’s captivating look, her voice is even more intriguing. Her vocals are soft and whimsical. She creates a sense of innocence and child-like finesse with each verse. “Disposable Film” is a pinball machine of sound full of dings and clanks streamed over a symphonic beat. The melody shoots up in a fast pace then drops down again into the steady chorus with whimsical intent. "Disposable Film" exudes a sense of confidence that offer a more effortless indie performance for Rae.

The single is much more than an entertaining listen. For Rae, the song reflects her artistry. She describes the creative process, “I went through a period of time where I definitely took on the tortured artist persona. It was hard. A lot of sessions ended with me feeling lost and hopeless, or in a daze from smoking too much weed trying to find the ‘muse’.  And then something clicked. I picked up a guitar, I opened Logic on my laptop. The process became fun again.” The listener can feel the singer’s enjoyment on the track, adding to Tessa Rae’s alluring authenticity.

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Alt-Pop · Chillwave · Indie · Indie Dance


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