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ALEPH and Ekcle have us sit "inbetween" tradition and modernity

Returning to Mat Zo's personally curated imprint Mad Zoo, ALEPH and British duo Ekcle join forces on an experimental new two-tracker, Semblance, slated for release on Aug 21st. The first track off the EP, "inbetween," is here and it is an otherworldly juxtaposition of rich ambient and raw vibrancy, dissolving the barrier between UK future garage and left-field bass. 

Marked by twinkling melodies and hypnotic sounds from the first note, the record immediately works up a moody atmosphere. The accompanying atmospheric sounds come with an 8-bit aesthetic, glitch-y yet playful. Lurching basslines work in tandem with wonky rhythms, creating unbridled rage — the trio later skillfully refines the interplay between this harshness and a refreshing layer of tenderness by bringing in jazz-inspired guitar riffs. The motivation behind the record has always been clear as in ALEPH's own words, it is "seeking to find a new paradigm Inbetween tradition and modernity."

Stream/purchase the record here before the EP comes out — but if you like what you hear, pre-save the EP here

Connect with ALEPH: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter 

Connect with Ekcle: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter

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