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Take it "Easy" with Tyler Sellers' new single

When Tyler Sellers isn’t captivating with his laid back aesthetic, he’s completely blowing you away with his impressive falsettos. This 19-year-old Arkansas native was simply born to create.

Being the son of a worship leader and the grandson of a jazz pianist, it’s safe to say that Tyler has always been immersed in music.  Now, the up and comer follows his previous release, “WTSB”, with a brand new pop ballet named “Easy”. Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Michael Jackson and popular artists such as Daniel Cesar, Tyler has managed to create a sound that is uniquely his own while honoring the talent that has come before him. 

"Easy" touches on the story of two people who love each other, but just can’t seem to see eye to eye. Sellers flawlessly conveys complicated feelings while using dreamy background vocals and retro production to guide the energy. 

Connect with Tyler: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Indie · Pop


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