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Patawawa share the vibrant, funk-charged single "Adadadadeya"

A truly unexpected phenomenon is occurring in the UK today, the weather is so damn good. Reaching heights of 34 degrees (no, for real), it's quite truly a unique experience. To match the heat, disco gems Patawawa return with their latest infectious cut "Adadadadeya", a track that embodies the feelgood vibe we're all inhabiting today.

Following the single "So Late", "Adadadadeya" is anthemically bold. Dripping in funky goodness and juicy disco beats, the single glimmers with Chic-inspired bass lines and energetic melodies. Sequenced with addictive guitar rhythms, the track unearths the need for flared trousers and platform shoes. Yet unlike its predecessor, "Adadadadeya" weaves many more nu-disco sounds to create the ultimate dance banger. And we're here for it.

Telling us about the track, vocalist Beth Garrett says: "Adadadadeya is about ending up somewhere unexpected. That could be at a rave or somewhere at a festival - you know that feeling when you meet complete randomers but you end up in their little gang for the night and have DMC's, deep meaningful chats. You don't know where you, or what the hell's going on, but it's amazing. Adadadadeya."

To perfect the "Adadadadeya" recipe, shake up some pina coladas, put on some super jazzy sunglasses and dance the day (and night) away. Providing the best soundtrack for those super hot days where life feels extrememly good, it's pretty clear that Patawawa are nu-disco's finest band. 

Patawawa's debut album Power Up is out September 25th. 

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