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BVDMIND will make us "FEEL ALIVE" in debut single

BVDMIND, a young 18-year-old artist, drops his new single "FEEL ALIVE." At such a young age, he is already unafraid to speak on heavy themes like mental health within his music. Writing, recording, and producing everything all on his own, the burgeoning new artist proves that he has a very bright future ahead of him.

"FEEL ALIVE" is BVDMIND's debut track after he has parted ways from his previous music group FYNX. By taking the independent and solo route, BVDMIND hopes to celebrate who he is and share it with everyone through his music. As soon as you press play, the paradox of emotions throughout this single is very apparent. Through intensely expressive lyrics, BVDMIND perfectly paints a picture of an internal war. The poetic wordplay is crafted to trigger various emotions alongside an extremely catchy chorus. Dreamy undertones are delivered through a masterful control of the overall pace of the track, as BVDMIND slows his vocals down to give off the illusion of feeling alive even when you're feeling numb. 

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