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MC Bravado and Joell Ortiz feel "Like Kobe"

Baltimore emcee MC Bravado links up with New York rap veteran Joell Ortiz for an anthemic collaborative single titled "Like Kobe." The team-up comes naturally as both emcees are ardent fans of the late legendary NBA player, and of course, are also inspired by the Mamba mentality.

Backed by a cinematic guitar forward backdrop, the duo shares their love for the black mamba on their verses and also display their go-getter mind frame and untethered work ethic as lyricists. MC Bravado goes for gold with lines like "...I stay calm and collected, I'm like Kobe, the only one. you know resembling Mike closely..." while Ortiz wordplay is sharp as ever with "...Your partner put the clip to your head like barber and pushed your shit back like someone else's barber/ So I kept the metal with me like John Connor..."
Although "Like Kobe" was recorded while Kobe was alive, MC Bravado decided to delay its release after January's unspeakable tragedy, ultimately opting to approach its rollout delicately and with the utmost respect.  Bravado was fortunate enough to spend time as an ambassador for Kobe Bryant’s Granity Studios, delivering books from the late Laker legend’s The Wizenard Series to Baltimore city schools in support of reluctant readers.
“Like Kobe” is a single from MC Bravado's upcoming project The Living Game.
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