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Stephen exposes his own shadow in indie-electro anthem “Delilah” [Video]

Los Angeles based indie-electro artist Stephen lets the guards down and introduces his most vulnerable self in “Delilah.” Written about his shadow that follows him wherever he goes, the track is a poignant and candid reflection of his own battles with drugs, sexuality and finding his true identity. “Delilah” delves into the world of Jungian psychology and the idea of using talk therapy to unite both the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind. Sonically the song begins with soft, subtle piano and raspy vocals, gradually building into a loud and raucous track. The accompanying video gives us a raw look into Stephen’s journey to discovering his shadow. 

Stephen reveals in his press release, "Delilah is the name I've given my shadow - my repressed, unrecognized potentials and desires. She is temptation. She is seduction. The process of getting to know her has been scary and exciting, a deep sense of self-acceptance and power reached through self-annihilation."

Born in Virginia, Stephen’s music touches on relatable themes, all driven by his pursuit for global and political change. His genuine lyricism allows listeners to connect with the songwriter, while simultaneously delivering big, vivid soundscapes that permeates the brain and pleases the ears. 

Connect with Stephen: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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