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Nina Chuba shows her true "Power" on debut EP

With a natural affinity for the spotlight after having spent her youth as an actress, it's no surprise that burgeoning Hamburg-based artist Nina Chuba's debut EP is a resounding, and confident affair. Aptly titled "Power," it accurately forecasts an emphatic and stratospheric trajectory for this poised 21-year-old.

Tying together a year's worth of singles into one project could have detracted from the project's overall focus, but Nina from the offset has had a clear and firm grasp on her atmospheric, envelope-pushing R&B aesthetic she so effortlessly maintains.

Embarking with "Lips Shut," her fiery attitude firmly holds your attention, which is perpetuated by an eery, pizzicato string-led trap-leaning beat. "I Can't Sleep" follows, more downtempo and sparse in its production, which emphasises the hypnotic quality of her voice. Title track "Power" is a half-sung half-rapped anthem of empowerment, which smoothly flows into "I Owe You Nothing" which continues the same theme.

Debut single "White Shirt" is the last of the previously released works before "Jungle" closes out her stellar debut project with a bang. Speaking to it in an email statement, Nina states "'Jungle' is a feverish metaphor for how wild and cut-throat the creative industries can be, and how you’re often forced to join in for your own survival."

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