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'Onderwereld' VA compilation showcases the sound of The Hague's underground

Cosmox, 543ff, Star-kid, and Gamma Intel have all contributed tracks to the new Onderwereld EP. The vinyl-only release comes on Cultivated Electronics LTD. Taking its name from a former atomic bunker that housed music studios, offices and Onderwereld Radio, this VA EP encapsulates the sound of The Hague’s underground.

Crave Festival organiser Cosmox’s “Electrostress” opens things up with a true electro burner. Clean breaks, mechanical bleeps and eerie synths make for a dystopian, alien-esque soundscape. One to do absolute damage on the dancefloor. 543ff follows on with “Easy,” stripping things back whilst keeping the energy high. Layers of spooky melodies build in pressure until things reach the boiling point. Percussive stabs and raw whirls make this track an absolute end-of-the-night killer.

“Three City Firm” serves a gritty concoction, with Star-kid, Gamma Intel and 543ff teaming up to bring us all sorts of dark and unearthly vibes. Bristling with unreserved potency, “Three City Firm” is what can only be described as a head-spinner. Occasional moments of bubbling melodies lighten the mood whilst the bassline remains tough and unforgiving.

543ff steps up on remix duties to give “Three City Firm” a wholly more spaced out sound. Buckle up, because this one’s going to take you on an intergalactic ride. The remix takes on a life of its own, detaching from the gravelly sound of the original, and making things a whole lot groovier without losing any of the original’s power. Two impeccable versions of the same track, each appropriate for a completely different point in the night; that’s about as bang on as it gets. If this is the sound of The Hague, then get me on the first flight out there — it’s 100% electro heaven.

Onderwereld can be purchased via Clone Distribution.

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