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Micky James sends a powerful message in his latest single “Kings” 

Micky James returns with a bang in new single “Kings.” Delivering a poignant message to the people of America, the empowering track unites listeners, igniting a movement and encouraging people to stand up for what they believe in. James shares in his press release, "The song “Kings” is a commentary on the current relationship between the American government and its people. Despite how engaged and vocal the younger generations of this nation have become regarding social and political change, it seems that the powers that be continue to ignore our pleas."

Through jangly guitar-driven melodies, quirky, embellished instrumentation and vocals oozing with attitude, “Kings” is reminiscent of James’ love for Brit-rock artists such as David Bowie and The Clash. Having established a distinct and flamboyant sound and style, James has been causing a stir with fans across the country, with his string of single releases. In his latest offering, he deepens his connection with his followers, providing an uplifting, relatable anthem, during such uncertain and unprecedented times. 

“Kings” is an intoxicating concoction of sexy glam rock, with a dose of feel-good pop all wrapped up in a big, colorful Micky James bow. 

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