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Naomi Banks shares the sultry sweet single "Closer"

North London artist Naomi Banks returns with the honeyed new single "Closer". Dripping in sweet, dulcet tones, the track showcases smooth R&B rhythms with layered glitchy electronic sparks. 

With Banks' distinctive vocals layered on top an array of heavenly interwoven melodies, "Closer" is a sultry look into the intensity of attraction. "[It's] about being attracted to someone and not overthinking sexuality, just going with what feels right," explains Banks. Built with intense bass grooves and pulses of electronic bursts, "Closer" displays a rich tapestry of sound. Drawing on jazz traits and hints of pop sequences, the single is a beautifully crafted track showcasing the abilities of the talented artist. "Closer" is quite simply a gloriously gooey single dripping in sentimental emotions. 

Naomi Banks will be performing a live 360 studio session in August. Watch this space. 

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