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DWELLERS release lush new single, "Iced Coffee" [Video]

San Clemente-bred known as Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon, otherwise known as DWELLERS, turned heads in early 2020 with their debut single, "And Then We'll Be Alright." The woozy alt-pop daydream has garnered closed to a million plays on Spotify to date, as the breakout track reflects traces of the sleepy beach town from which they hail, and draws slight inspiration from artists like Frank Ocean and Brockhampton. Now, the duo is back with a captivating new single, titled "Iced Coffee." The serene, beachy production is another nod to the duo's hometown. Layers of electric guitar woven into a hypnotic synth background are the canvas over which Eissman's vocals thrive. 

DWELLERS’ music can be characterized by a restless search for peace. This innate pursuit manifests in “And Then We’ll Be Alright,” which opens with, “Think I found something / or is this just a heart attack,” and in the way they revel in the comfort of caffeine and therapy in “Iced Coffee.”

The deep, lovelorn vocals, compelling songwriting, and ambient production are the perfect ingredients for breaking through the noise of today's music landscape. With only a few singles out and gaining traction by the day, DWELLERS are poised to take the Gen-Z indie-pop world by storm.

Listen to "Iced Coffee" on Spotify.

Connect with DWELLERS: Instagram | Twitter | Souncloud

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