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Storme draws on the power of nature on "Kite" [Video]

Swedish electronic pop artist Storme shares the velvet-smooth single "Kite". Blessed with such unique and icy vocals, Storme's tender soundscapes make for an infectious listen. 

Dotted with electronic pulses, "Kite" builds upon layered textures to recreate the natural environments Storme surrounds herself with. Submersing herself into the restorative powers of nature, the singer-songwriter draws upon the influence of nature. "Kite is the first real Summer song I've written," explains Storme. "It's about an inner journey. There was a day in early June when I was walking in the woods. I felt my body relax, and I could really breathe again, for the first time in a long time. I almost felt like a bird chasing the sun."

There's a tenderness to this track; it feels reenergising whilst also offering a moment of lucid escapism. Storme's inimitable style is exciting and also calming, like a warm, peaceful Sunday afternoon. Forget those meditation classes and tune in to Storme for worthwhile meditiative melodies.

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