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Skinny Wizard releases a live performance of jazz-informed electronica [Video]

Heat Wave/Mutual Commute is the debut release from Naarm (Melbourne) producer Skinny Wizard. Independently released, the 2-track burner laments the loss of gigs and dancing while offering a saucy high-energy release as replacement. In celebration of this release, Skinny Wizard has released a 20-minute live set where he does what he does best. 

"Heat Wave"opens with atmospheric pads and synth artefacts, constantly evolving in textural dignity before the explosion of a jazz-synth melody. A 4x4 kick-drum quickly follows suit, pounding through the established groove met with bass licks and percussive clicks. Clearly, Rhode-produced melodies are at the forefront of this track where we see Skinny Wizard intertwining his jazz technicality into his affinity for electronic music, akin to the funk of Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange. 

Jumping off the higher energy of "Heat Wave", "Mutual Commute" paves through a more left-field, sombre mood. Arpeggiators, filtered metallic hits and a digi-flute form the foundation of this track, from which it divulges a gritty climax. Though, while "Heat Wave" reminisces the ecstatic atmospheric localised within club and live-music spaces, "Mutual Commute" is more a representation of the affliction of temporarily losing these spaces.

Skinny Wizard comments on the tracks: 

"I wanted to create something that combined the unique Australian dance sound with my own jumbled musical taste.

I also recorded this during the first lockdown while I was longing for gigs on big sound systems with lots of people dancing again. I think it came out pretty hard hitting because of that"

The accompanying live-set reveals just how talented Skinny Wizard is, deservedly becoming a buzzing new member in the Melbourne electronic music scene. As we drudge through our second lockdown down under, we can hope that this signifies more music in the making from Skinny Wizard. 

Connect with Skinny Wizard: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Spotify 

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