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Shifting Spheres launch debut release with new V/A compilation

Manchester-based DJ collective, Shifting Spheres have released a new V/A compilation, Spheres of Sound: In support of Roshni and UKBP. It’s a compilation focused on showcasing womxn and non-binary artists, producers, and mastering engineers from the UK and beyond. A hugely diverse compilation with tracks spanning house, leftfield techno and breakbeat, there’s something here for everyone — on top of supporting organisations which help to support BME women to escape gender-related violence. A deep exploration into a variety of different sounds, there’s no reason not to get behind this compilation.

Tracks such as Jazzi Bobbi’s “1d1t” offer a dreamy combination of ethereal synths, powerful vocals and bass-y stabs to create an atmospheric piece of perfect home listening. DaiSu’s “Buckwild” moves more towards the middle ground between home and club, giving us a deep, dubby soundscape, whilst sampling car indicators and microwaves to serve all sorts of hypnotic, robotic goodness; who would’ve thought household items could sound so amazing.

Lauryn’s “Forgiveness” is a masterclass in leftfield techno. Crystal clear breaks are layered with soothing, understated vocals, giving a contrast that works perfectly. One of the stand outs of the compilation, we can only imagine the potential damage those mechanical breaks would do on the dancefloor. Also on the ravier end of the spectrum sits DJ Luz’s “Baby In The 90s,” which brings all sorts of nostalgia to the table. Those old-skool sounding vocals merge with acid lines and nods to jungle to create a complete melter. Ridiculously good stuff, and that euphoria is making us miss the dancefloor more than ever.

Liverpool’s LUNA slows things down a touch but keeps the energy rolling in “VENTUS". Blissful synths occupy the quieter moments before things wind down into groovy breaks and plenty of bass. This energy is continued into Mystique’s “Deep Knows No One,” channelling mystical vibes with rolling bongo patterns and indistinguishable, mysterious vocals. It comes together to create a spectral environment which leads to a mesmerising listening experience.

SCAPA’s “Binary” transports us straight to another planet, sounding like something distinctly other-worldly — in a beautiful way. It’s slightly acidic, totally shimmery, and the choppy, muffled vocals make this track something special. The ultimate upbeat relaxation music.

Both PETALINSOUND’s “Sunlight” and Pussy Stamina’s “We’re Watching You” bring things to a close with more club-focused cuts. “Sunlight” channels pure rave elation, mixing nimble percussion and moments of driving bass to take us on a journey. A track that was undoubtably meant to be played as the sun’s coming up. “We’re Watching You” has its own completely unique sound; it’s colourful, fun and there’s something a little bit magical about it. Combined with a few moments of completely rave inspired elements and it’s got absolutely everything.

Spheres of Sound: In Support of Roshni and UKBP can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Shifting Spheres: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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