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Lupe Fiasco and Kaelin Ellis evaluate man's mortality on "Dinosaurs"

Lupe Fiasco and Kaelin Ellis thrilled us last week with their collaborative single "Shoes"  and as they prepare to drop a new 4-track EP, we have the final leak in the form of "Dinosaurs"- a highly detailed insight into man's mortality, evolution, and a brief history of those large reptilians that once ruled the world. Lupe's approach is a mix of scientific facts and pop references that would make rap nerds smile and high school science teachers proud.

Lupe takes us to the beginning of time, the ice age to be precise, and details how dinosaurs live and their connection to the modern world. From T-Rexes, Brontosauruses to Pterodactyls, Lupe sure did his science homework with lines like "They were creatures with different features/Had teeth to eat ya, they made beds called nests/And laid eggs after they had sex inside 'em/Whether they ate plants or meat is how you could divide 'em."  Furthermore, he talks about their reign and their sudden extinction after the asteroid hit the Earth providing a modern analogy like "Just imagine one day all the Cruncheroos was just removed from the store/ And not just shooed off the stage but booed off the tour." To be honest, there is so much to unpack in this one verse track, and trying to unravel it on paper will not do it any justice. You just need to hear how Lupe pulls it off in such an effortless manner.

Sonically Ellis' sticks to his jazz theme and makes use of laidback drums and percussions while the solemn piano chords run freely as the song progresses. Nothing is rushed or rowdy and each layered note are as clear as day. As the world ponders about our current situation, the duo reminds us of the limited time we truly on this planet and  "Whether it be Grimlock, Yoshi or Earl Sinclair/ Just remember at one time, this whole world was theirs."

"Dinosaurs" is taken from the Collaborative EP HOUSE which can be streamed here.

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