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Madeline Kenney teases new album with "Picture of You" [Video]

After releasing two previous singles, "Sucker" and "Double Hearted," Oakland's Madeline Kenney is back with a another offering. "Picture of You" arrives as the third single off of Kenney's forthcoming album, Sucker's Lunch.

"Picture of You" captures the delicate hope that characterizes much of her previous albums. Over grungy guitar solos and lush instrumentation, Kenney grasps at something that is quickly fading, musing, "I'm waiting for this to get easy." Her ethereal voice, tinged with a thread of desperation, offers a layer of sincerity to the contemplative songwriting. The song ends rather abruptly, almost as if Kenney catches her breath and forgets to breathe out.

The self-directed music video features the singer and her friends wandering a dense field. Arm-in-arm, Kenney and company traipse across the wilderness, exhibiting a comforting sense of togetherness that is otherwise absent from the lonely track. 

Says Kenney about the single, "I had this brief moment where I was looking at someone I love and I realized that I could never truly know everything they had been through, or understand their whole life and experiences from their perspective, even if by loving them I felt like I was getting so close to that kind of understanding. It broke my heart in a way."

Sucker's Lunch is out July 31st on Carpark Records

Connect with Madeline Kenney: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter 

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