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Get lost in The Ivy's "Runaway Daydream" [Video]

Artists often look to the past to evoke a sense of transformative nostalgia with their music, and not many aesthetics are quite as recognisable as the synth-soaked sounds of the 80s. Fully embracing that iconic era, and masterfully intertwining it with charmingly hazy dream-pop are Oklahoma City-based indie synth-pop upstarts The Ivy, with "Runaway Daydream," from their sophomore EP We Move Faster at Night.

Commencing with a rousing, neon-tinged synth riff that returns to color the choruses, the trio is quick to establish the sensation of the song's namesake through a rapturous and enveloping soundscape; which is perpetuated by the sun-drenched visual.

Inspired by unrequited love, the stripped-back verses dutifully carry introspective and relatable self-doubt, which seamlessly transitions into the hopeful choruses that engulf your ears in the aforementioned synths, and a mesmerising reverb-doused falsetto.

"Runaway Daydream" and We Move Faster at Night are out now via Wasted Talent Records.

Connect with The Ivy: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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