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Alt rock group Why Bother introduce themselves with cinematic debut visual for “Go”

A pandemic is a strange time to kickstart a project, but Why Bother are carrying on, with the release of their debut single “Go” in April and a music video for the track last week. “Go” details the relationships that we stay in much longer than we should. Hindsight isn’t always 20/20, and sometimes we focus on the negatives to keep ourselves from feeling hurt. “I think everybody has felt like that,” says frontman Jesse Rossi. “They’ve had a relationship end and spent so much time tending to it or working on it that it juust kind of fell apart in their lap. The maintenance because the thing that made you realize that it just wasn’t worth it and it wasn’t healthy anymore.”

Writing “Go” was a cathartic experience for Rossi, who wrote the track right on the heels of one of those relationships. He sings to that person, “Why don’t you hop on your plane,” letting them go in a way that admits they’re both better off but without ignoring the fresh hurt and anger that comes with the end of any relationship, whether it be platonic or otherwise. 

The music video was directed and shot by Cole Diepholz and Danny Coughlin (from the company PandyDoesVideo) with camerawork help from Hunter Youngblood. It’s not too elaborate, but where it lacks in storyline it makes up for in visuals, cinematography, and clever shots of the band: Rossi, Ben Graves (bass), Jack Silverman (drums), and Ryan Bentley (guitar). A light static gives it a rough-cut vintage vibe and an air of authenticity. We get to see each of their characters both onstage and as a fly on the wall in their wanderings through town.

The Nashville-based four-piece is hard at work on upcoming songs and visuals. Their first live shows were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they’re keeping busy at home. In lockdown, when they aren’t making music from their shared house, they’re blowing off steam with Call of Duty like typical 20-somethings. We can expect more new music from them about a month from now (including a live acoustic video).

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