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Takuya Kuroda teases new sound and LP with bumping new single "CHANGE" [Video]

The ever-increasing accessibility of recording technology and home studios has transformed the landscape of global independent music. When it comes down to it, though, the element of musicality still reigns supreme. The undeniable significance of taste and talent helps to explain why an artist like Takuya Kuroda has been able to make a dramatic shift in the way he makes music without sacrificing an ounce of quality. The Japan-born trumpeter based in New York City has announced that he will be releasing a new album, and with that news comes one of the project’s singles, the futuristic, groovy track “CHANGE.”

Known for his stellar musicianship and genre-blending style in the New York jazz scene, Kuroda decided to move away from his traditional approach of live instrumentation in recording to a more digital method, with an emphasis on sampling and other production wizardry on the new album. The LP Fly Moon Die Soon is set for release on September 18 via First Word Records. With “CHANGE” as the first taste of the newest iteration of Kuroda’s sound, it’s clear he has seamlessly channeled his incredible talents into the studio, forging exciting, uncharted musical pathways.

With a heavy groove and sophisticated harmonies, “CHANGE” will get bodies moving and ears listening with help from fellow New York artist Corey King on vocals. King’s unique vocal style fits effortlessly in the mix, with his adventurous melodies complementing the bouncy vibe in the music. It’s evident that great care has been put into every note in the mix, and while the track has a more production-heavy sound than some of Kuroda’s previous work, his earthy trumpet tone provides a through line that maintains a human touch. To be able to evolve the manner in which one creates music while maintaining such a high level of quality is the sign of true artistic strength, and “CHANGE” shows that Takuya Kuroda’s forthcoming album will represent an important new step in his already impressive career.

"CHANGE" is available to stream or download here.

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