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Harry Strange explores the realm of pop on his EP "Something, Hold On"

Falling in love with Harry Strange is incredibly easy. Soft pop sounds dotted with seamless electronica and effulgent vocals gliding over lush melodies make for the perfect recipe for success. Gathering his singles into one place, Harry Strange returns to release his sophomore EP Something, Hold On.

Opened by the single "Four In The Morning", Strange re-introduces his glossy sounds with the iridescent single. Followed by fuzzy electronics, "It Will Be Alright" explores the possibilities of synthetic sounds with its heavy synth grooves and conversational additions. 

Laced with inviting synths patterns and oscillating beats, "Something To Hold On To" details the excitement surrounding the beginning of a new relationship. With rising emotions and fluctuating sounds, the track places Harry as an incredible DIY pop artist. Whilst "Turn Away" delves into the world of dark pop with its moody bassline, EP closer "Unknown But Somehow You'll Find Your Own Space" is a showcase in artistry from Strange. Amalgamating his usual pop inflections with electronic interludes places the track as one of Strange's most delicate and experimental yet. 

"I found a freedom with this EP," says Strange. "On previous projects I kept trying to create music that met my expectations of what listeners wanted to hear but on this project, I found myself rejecting these fictitious expectations and focusing purely on creating music that I love to make and listen to. These five songs are the first songs I truly believe represent me and the music I love to create."

Harry Strange continues to prove he is an artist on the rise. Providing us with an array of tunes that explore the pop realm, it's an exciting listen to truly see Strange as a multi-faceted artist. All hail the pop saint.

Something, Hold On is out now.

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