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The Venus in Scorpio shares their desire to explore new pastures in “Roam”

The Venus in Scorpio, a.k.a. Maxim Faster has meticulously crafted a sound and style unlike any other. A vibrant and kaleidoscopic fusion of '70s glam rock, '80s goth and new wave, the new single “Roam” takes you on a trip to a weird and wonderful place you’ve never been before. To put it simply, there isn’t anyone quite like The Venus in Scorpio. 

“Roam” details breaking away from your small hometown and the burning desire to reach freedom and liberation. The unconventional artist goes where no other has gone before, defying any categorization and carving out a place of their own. Fast-paced beats, quirky vocals, and swirling synths emit a dance-worthy, move-inducing track, certain to lift the soul of any listener. Combining this unique sound, with a strong, relatable theme, The Venus in Scorpio is conquering the industry and building a dedicated fanbase along the way. 

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