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Doctor Gosso & the Samplers connect with PDRO for "Lost & Found"

A mutual love of both crate-digging boom-bap and classic Jazz brought the London-based duo of Doctor Gosso & the Samplers together in the hopes of marrying the two equally soulful styles, and the result is quite remarkable. Catching ears and turning heads in both hip-hop and jazz-related circles, the duo recently connected with vocalist, MC and fellow Londoner PDRO for "Lost & Found"—another articulately expressive pairing of the two nuanced styles.

A dusty piano loop introduces the charmingly nostalgic energy as twinkling synths, snappy drums, and a smooth bass slowly fill out the irrefutably sunny, albeit introspective atmosphere. What shines brightest on this track, however, is the involvement of PDRO's amicable vocal—a half-sang, a half-rapped poetic stream of consciousness that recalls unrequited love through rose-tinted glasses.

Speaking to the release in an email statement, the duo share that, “Lost and Found” is a track which combines Doctor Gosso’s passion for classic jazz and boom-bap with PDRO’s suave flow and lyricism, while also reminiscing about the memories of past and conveying a feeling of melancholic nostalgia. The track is telling a tale about Pedro’s life and expressing the eventuality/contingency of the cyclical nature of heartbreaks through the choir sounding chorus which almost resembles a collective anthem.”

"Lost & Found" is out now via Absent Mind.

Connect with Doctor Gosso & the Samplers: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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