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The Regrettes confess their true feelings in new single “I Love Us”

Garage punk rock band The Regrettes never let their fans go too long without new music. They dropped their sophomore album How Do You Love? not even a year ago. This past April, they released their existential soft jam “What Am I Gonna Do Today?”, which was a question we were all asking ourselves every day in quarantine. Today, however, the band proves they’ve gotten over that angst in their new upbeat banger, “I Love Us.” In the new single, The Regrettes come to realize that being alone is overrated.

“I Love Us” reveals that great relationships are all about keeping each other grounded, but also building each other up. Lead singer Lydia Night chants, “I love us. I’ll hold you down, you light me up. And that’s that stuff”. Throughout, Night's hearty vocals intensify with a surge of talent coming from bassist Brooke Dickson and drummer Drew Thomsen. The distorted and spacey guitar performed by Genessa Gariano in the outro perfectly captures those topsy-turvy emotions they talk about when they sing, “I got so good and lonely, but how things can change. You wanna make me sick.”

The tinge of '80s synth-rock in this new release also shows an exciting new and musically evolving side to the group beyond the more garage punk rock sound from their earlier releases. 

Even though some lyrics fall within the romantic realm, the song doesn’t necessarily have to be about a romantic partner. The openmindedness of the songwriting allows the track to appreciate every aspect of any relationship – the good and the bad. With this track, The Regrettes put larger themes into perspective for fans to explore. 

Listen to “I Love Us” by The Regrettes via Warner Records.

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