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Galvanic & DLJ release moody new single "Dead Man"

A warm and emotional single from DLJ and Galvanic, " Dead Man" comes at the heels of their previous collaborative feat "666". From France to Wisconsin, the duo explores ideas of pessimism, pain, and humanity on their latest exploration. Despite the dark mantra, "Dead Man" is an empathetic piece that is all too relatable in the year of 2020.

From the words of Galvanic himself the track, "reflects the irrational insecurities and pessimism so many of us feel, but don't express." An ebb and flow of barebones synths, subtle kicks and downtempo R&B cadences wash over the listener to create an atmospheric and mild-tempered experience. Galvanic’s shadowy vocals then breathe life into DLJ’s signature hypnotic production as they effortlessly blend minimalist indie, lo-fi, and electro-R&B sounds.

Stitched together by the hands of empathy and vulnerability, this unadorned yet sincere track is well worth the replay.

Connect with Galvanic: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with DLJ: Soundcloud| Instagram 

Electronic · Indie


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