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Exmiranda finds hope in her "Epiphany"

Canadian emcee/singer Exmiranda newest release "Epiphany" caught our ears with its smooth texture and for the most part, a pure display of raw lyricism sans gimmicks or tropes. The gruff-voiced rapper goes back to her hip-hop roots and delivers a mix of insightful thoughts and bravado that echoes her current mental state. She adds via email that the track is all about black ownership and empowerment.

Exmiranda makes it known she is going for gold from the jump and doesn't break a sweat with her delivery that flows seamlessly over the bouncy jazz-infused backdrop. Free from the restrictions of trying to conform, Exmiranda goes full throttle as she quips "...I'm by far bless, gots to pay me like the IRS/ fast and swift, no pacifist, I raise the blackest fist to the Ozone, that's my throne..." With a run time of fewer than 2 minutes, the emerging rapper pours her thoughts on wax with much glee and passion. It's not stated if the track is tied to any project but it seems it's just a loose record from her stash.

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