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John Jigg$ and Gifted Gab are both looking at the "Front Door" [video]

The last time we heard from John Jigg$, he took us back in time with the Cosby show inspired "Gordan Gartrelle," where he reflected on his past. On his newest effort "Front Door," he teams up with Gifted Gab (of Gab & Blimes fame) to discuss their fledgling relationship. Backed by a smooth, R&B tinged production by Ryan Oddity, both parties present their case from different standpoints and eventually reach a conclusion that they might as well break up for the greater good. Although the accusations fly back and forth like spam emails, Jigg$ and Gifted Gab still keep it calm and collected as we listeners get to sip all the tea, especially from the latter.

The visual is solid too and follows the theme of the song. Of course, due to the restriction on movement, both parties shot their scenes separately which gives the breakup another angle. It's pretty straightforward with a lot of performance shots as Jigg$ and Gifted Gab trade verses over a video call which culminates into what seems like a break-up.

"Front Door" is taken from John Jigg$'s newest album Jigganometry. Get "Front Door"  on Apple Music// Deezer//Spotify


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